NuImage Window Factory makes Custom Windows at wholesale Prices to the public in Anaheim, CA

Choose the best for your home when you select custom and vinyl windows from Nuimage Windows & Doors.

Nuimage Factory-Made, Custom Windows at Wholesale Prices to the Public in Anaheim, California
There are many advantages to choosing Nuimage vinyl windows and doors. A few to of these advantages to consider are as follows:

• Nuimage vinyl windows and doors are energy efficient and reduce noise, making your home more comfortable. • This is because many of our doors and windows come with dual-paned glass.
• Vinyl is a highly durable material to work with. Vinyl resists corrosion and our vinyl windows and doors are
  maintenance free.
• No rusting, chipping, or cracking.
• Nuimage vinyl windows and doors are available in many styles, sizes, and designs.

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Windows, Custom Windows, Nuimage Windows & Doors

High-Performance Glazing

The newest generation of high-performance glazing utilizes LowE-3 to create energy-efficient windows and doors fit for every home. Our Nuimage glazing system helps control heat and sunlight during the summer and provides insulation in the winter for year-round comfort. It exceeds requirements by over 40%! The vinyl coating makes exterior window cleaning easier and helps keep your doors windows and clean for a longer amount of time.

Window Styles

The many styles of windows we make at our factory include the following:

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows have that traditional style that has been the style of choice for many homeowners throughout generations. The top and bottom sashes are functional for thorough ventilation and tilt in for easy cleaning from the inside. Nuimage double hung windows feature interlocking rails that help reduce air infiltration between the sashes and maximize security.

Bays and Bows

Bay windows add a distinctive touch to your home's curb appeal with an inside seat that is ideal for showcasing photographs and other objects. Bow and bay windows provide an intimate setting to compliment any interior.

Slider Windows

Slider windows create a panoramic viewing area in any room, while providing the convenience of sashes that utilize maximum ventilation. Slider windows also facilitate a variety of design options. Slider windows feature our dual brass roller systems with stainless steel axles for years of smooth, reliable movement.

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Casement Windows

Casement windows provide a contemporary look found in many of the latest architectural and home design magazines. They often enhance and update a home's exterior look with dramatic results. Casement windows also are easy to clean from the inside and out because of the window cranks, which provide ease of cleaning access and maximum ventilation.

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Picture Windows

Picture windows are stationary windows that create a frame for an unobstructed view of the outside.
These types of windows invite the natural beauty of the outdoors and incorporate the view as part of the room's interior. Picture windows can also be used with other window styles and designs.

Patio Doors

Patio doors add both elegance and style to any home. Our patio doors come with sleek European lines and sculptured beveled design frames, and the sash glides effortlessly on a durable stainless steel monorail track.

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